Nominacja do nagrody im. Kazimierza Kutza dla Tomasz Koniora

In the Stanisław Wyspiański Silesian Theatre in Katowice, Tomasz Konior was nominated for the Kazimierz Kutz Award. We are happy to receive the award and congratulate the other nominees and winners. Applause for Prof. Tadeusz Sławek and Szczepan Twardoch.
fot. Przemysław Jendroska about the reconstruction of the National Library and the Konior Studio project

Text by Anna Cymer in Polish on the history, good continuity and new interiors of the National Library designed by Konior Studio.

The text is illustrated with photographs by Kuba Certowicz and Paweł Morawiec.

You are welcome to read it.

International Design Awards (IDA) 2021

ZPSM nr 1 (Music School Complex nr 1 in Warsaw) received the Gold Winner award in the International Design Awards (IDA) 2021 competition.



The Press Glass S.A. headquarters received an Honorable mention in the International Design Awards (IDA) 2021.

Easter 2020

Happy and healthy Easter from Tomasz Konior with the whole team.

The Music School in Warsaw in the magazine Architektura Murator

The latest April issue of „Murator Architecture” includes an article about the Music School in Warsaw designed by Konior Studio. We warmly recommend you to read the article.

We play in th 28th edition of WOŚP!!

„Architects play for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity” – Tomasz Konior also joined the campaign, he encourages bidding the auction, the subject of which is a concert in his company at the headquarters of the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra. We strongly encourage you to bid and support the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.

Tomasz Konior in "Rzeczpospolita"

Tomasz Konior gave an interview for Rzeczpospolita in which he said a few words about architecture. We encourage you to read the interview at:

Second prize in the competition for the didactic building of the Music Academy in Katowice

Konior Studio won the second prize in the competition for the didactic building of the Music Academy in Katowice. Authors: Tomasz Konior, Dominik Koroś, Patrycja Lyszczyk, Kacper Krok, Agata Pietrzak, Maciej Sewiołło, Magda Jagoda in cooperation with BuroHappold Engineering, Manufaktura Technologiczna, Digital Bunch. Congratulations to the winners and honored ??

Tomasz Konior on 4Buildings

Tomasz Konior – a panelist during 4Buildings. He took part in the discussion which was a part of the panel „Investor, architect, contractor, supplier – how to build environmental awareness in the building process”.

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