Happy Easter 2022

Happy and healthy Easter from Tomasz Konior and his team.

*The motif of this year’s card is the staircase in the National Library designed by Konior Studio. Photo by Bartek Barczyk

Architecture Snob

The second issue of the bilingual quarterly magazine „Architecture Snob” has been published in Empik chain stores (02/2022) .
In this issue, Tomasz Konior and Dominik Koroś were interviewed by Editor-in-Chief Marcin Szczelin.
The theme of the issue is love.

archiCZWARTEK | 7.04.2022

This Thursday, i.e. 7.04., another edition of the archiCTWARTEK programme will be held.
Tomasz Konior will take part in the part entitled Spotkanie na śniadanie/ Z miłości do architektury.
The discussion will be hosted by Marcin Szczelina (Architecture Snob).
See you at 11:00 on the archiDESK platform.

Śląskie 4 You | TVP 3 Katowice | 2.04.2022

This Saturday afternoon in a series of reports by Violetta Rotter-Kozera under the title „Silesian 4 You” will appear Tomasz Konior.
See you at 17:00 on TVP 3 Katowice!
The cycle was financed from the budget of the Silesian Province.
Photography: Mirka Łukaszek, Silesian 4 You

Konior Studio | Laureaci Nagrody Architektonicznej Prezydenta Warszawy

Zodiac Warsaw Architecture Pavilion hosted an online meeting with Tomasz Konior and Dominik Koros from Konior Studio.
They talked about our next musical project: ZPSM No. 1 in Warsaw and the concert hall located inside.
The meeting was hosted by Dariusz Bartoszewicz from the Office of Architecture and Spatial Planning.

We encourage you to watch the transmission on YT:  Konior Studio | Architecture Award Winners – YouTube


Polish Architecture XXL 2021 plebiscite

We encourage you to vote for the headquarters of the State Music School Complex No. 1 in Warsaw in Public Interiors
Voting will last until 4 April 2022.
Thank you for your nominations in as many as 2 areas!

Plebiscyt Polska Architektura XXL 2021

ZPSM nr 1 in Warsaw designed by Konior Studio participates in the Polish Architecture XXL 2021 Poll.
We encourage you to vote at 
We would like to thank the organisers for the distinction.


Konior Studio has received a distinction as Builder Company of the Year 2021 in the category of design office.

Thank you for the distinction awarded by the Editorial and Scientific Board of the „Builder” magazine and congratulations to the other winners.


Tomasz Konior awarded the Personality of the Year 2021.
This is a special award, granted by the Editorial and Scientific Board of „Builder” magazine.
Thank you!

The National Library opens its doors to readers

On Thursday, 24 February 2022, the National Library opens its new, modernised reading rooms to everyone.
Reconstruction and interiors designed by Konior Studio.
We invite you together with the Director of the National Library, Dr Tomasz Makowski to enjoy the book collection.
Link: New reading rooms of the National Library – YouTube.

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