Tomasz Konior is a lecturer at this year’s edition of 4th Design Days. He took part in the sessions: „Do the cities have to be „uncluttered”? Urban planning challenges of the 21st century” and „Citygenic mixed-use.” What projects does the Katowice agglomeration need, when the most valuable currency is time and the quality of life is the tool in fight about the inhabitants?”.

Designed by Konior Studio, the NOSPR building in Katowice was acknowledged as one of the 10 boldest architectural designs in Poland. We would like to thank the Editorial Board for this award and we invite you to read the article:

On the 27th October 2018, Tomasz Konior will take part in public walks, as part of a project run by the National Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning „With an architect on contemporary spaces.” The building of the National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra was chosen for a place of walking in Katowice. Bolesław Stelmach, Fernando Menis, Jacek Ewý, Tomasz Konior, Maciej Jacaszek, Marek Wawrzyniak, Karol Wawrzyniak, Karol Fiedor, Zbigniew Reszka, Zbigniew Maćków, Piotr Lisowski and Olgierd Jagiełło will also present their projects.

On the 12th of October Tomasz Konior took part in a traditional standing of topping out on a building site in Dolina Trzech Stawów.

This is the third stage of investment in one of the most beautiful locations in the center of Katowice.

The Architecture Festival 2018, Warsaw, Eurobuild
Tomasz Konior took part in the panel discussion „Citygenic role of real estate”

It was about experiences, good and bad examples, education and building awareness.

Konior Studio, Nagata Acoustics and Architekti Hrůša in the Brno town hall presented the latest project of the Philharmonic in Brno.

More info:


PRIMARY SCHOOL LADY SUE RYDER IN NIEPOŁOMICE was honored in the competition Stanisław Witkiewicz Prize of Lesser Poland Voivodship.
Thank you to everyone who contributed to the creation of this place.

The results of the Competition for the development of the urban and architectural concept of the International Music Center in Żelazowa Wola were announced . Tomasz Konior’s role was the Referees Judge.

Tomasz Konior presented the view on the context of creating new Main Department of the Museum of Gdańsk.

This year, traditionally, we opened the holiday season with barbecue!

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