Tomasz Konior on the European Economic Congress

On the 13-15/05/2019, the European Economic Congress takes place in Katowice. Tomasz Konior was also in the prestigious group of lecturers, who will give a lecture on the theme „City planning, space, law” on the 14/05 at 13:30. The panel will be moderated by Olgierd Dziekoński, and aside from Tomasz Konior, Danuta Kamińska, Zbigniew Maćkow, Mateusz Mroz, Michał Olszewski, Artur Soboń and Piotr Uszok will take part in the session.

Tomasz Konior awarded the title of "Promoter of Poland"

During the 11th European Economic Congress, Tomasz Konior was awarded the title of „Promoter of Poland” by the Administration of the Foundation of the Polish Promotional Emblem „Teraz Polska”. The title is awarded to people whose achievements in the field of culture, science or business build the image of our national brand.

Tomasz Konior in the honorable chapter's group in the Competition for Young Architects

Tomasz Konior in the honorable chapter’s group in the Competition for Young Architects. The tasks which will subject the evaluation are: „The river that connects”, „Manifesto of a young architect” and „Architectural detail”. We keep fingers crossed for all participants, and we will get to know the winners about 5:00 PM today.

NOSPR accepted to the elite group - European Concert Hall Organization

The Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra in Katowice has been invited to the international ECHO organization (European Concert Hall Organization), which brings together the best concert halls in Europe. Thereby, the NOSPR as the only institution in Poland became part of an elite network, connecting 21 of the most opinion-forming institutions in the world of European classical music. This is honorable distinction also for Konior Studio and all NOSPR’s designers. 

Tomasz Konior was awarded the Medal of the 100th anniversary of Regain Independence

Tomasz Konior was awarded the Medal of the 100th anniversary of Regain Independence for long-standing commitment to work for democratic changes. Medals were given by the Prime Minister. Six architects were included in the notable group of scientists and creators. We would like to congratulate all awarded people.

"Metropolenreport Kattowitz" in TV Arte

Tomasz Konior is one of the character in the reportage „Metropolenreport Kattowitz” on German TV Arte. Marion Ammicht showed the beauty of Katowice and took viewers in a few extremely interesting places. Among them was the National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra, Tomasz Konior said a few words about it. We invite you to watch the reportage:

Tomasz Konior in TOK FM Radio

A few days ago, Tomasz Konior was a guest of the Cezary Łasiczka’s broadcast OFF Czarek at Radio TOK FM. He told about his passion, love for music, dreams and he unveiled the mistery of designing concert halls. We don’t disclose any more details, we encourage you to listen to the interview and to get to know Tomasz Konior better at the following link:,Akustyka-i-fotel

Brick Award 2019

Tomasz Konior is the Competition Judge in the Brick Award 2019. The prestigious competition once again promotes architects and architectural offices not only in the country, but also internationally. The jury’s deliberations are under way. We will get to know the winners soon – on the 12th March 2019.

Inescapable love

Although Valentine’s Day has passed, we invite you to read the text about more or less typical architectural couples, where designed by Konior Studio Center of Science and Music Education „Symfonia” was also mentioned. We leave you with this text filled with love:

Plebiscite Polish Architecture XXL

Social Primary School Lady Sue Ryder in Niepołomice, realized according to Konior Studio’s concept, was nominated in the Plebiscite Polish Architecture XXL.

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