Primary School, Niepołomice

Gmina Niepołomice
Design team
Tomasz Konior
Andrzej Witkowski
Aleksander Nowacki
Dariusz Gajewski
Marcin Piotrowski
Dominik Koroś
Built-up area
4 998 m2
The school building consists of two wings, deviating from each other by 30o. Each wing contains 6 classrooms with auxiliary and accompanying rooms. The west wing is connected along the entire length with a two-storey administrative and tertiary building, while the east wing - with a gymnasium with supply base. In the middle of the conformation is the main common space of the school - high for 2 floors, well floodlit school auditorium.

The class part is based on a characteristic honeycomb motive - classrooms and halls combined with them and auxiliary rooms are hexagonal "cells" which make a tight-knit composition. This motive is also visible in the area of ​​class gardens as well as in other places of the school (for example furniture), providing the main malleable element of the building.

Roofs are a very important element of the building. Roofs covering the classes, auditorium, gymnasium and two-storey building are pent roofs with a wooden structure; their characteristic hoods protect the windows from excess of sunlight and the walls from water access.

Between them there is a green roof, accessible from the first floor. Its use is related to the energy efficiency assumed in the project and the rational management of rainwater.