State Music School Complex No. 1

Warsaw, Rakowiecka 21 st.
State Music School Complex No. 1
Design team
Tomasz Konior
Andrzej Witkowski
Dominik Koroś
Aleksander Nowacki
Marcin Piotrowski
Michał Lipiec
Wojciech Przywecki
Angelika Drozd
Adam Przybyła
Mikołaj Zdanowski
Piotr Straszak
Anita Łukaszyk-Nagi
Justyna Boduch
Magdalena Jagoda
Anna Kłosek
Arkadiusz Laskowski
Agata Żak
firma inżynierska "STATYK"
Nagata Acoustics, Manufaktura Technologiczna
Area of land
8 454 m2
The total area
12 942,20 m2
Built-up area
3 341,16 m2
10 138,96 m2
46 523 m3
I miejsce
The historic building of the former orphanage has shown the direction of thinking about the whole assumption.
The dialogue between the "new" and the "old" is expressed in structure, scale and rhythms.
From the front, comfortable stairs and ramp lead to a small entrance square lowered relative to the area.

The spacious atrium connects two buildings: historic - intended for general education and newly designed - dedicated to music.

In the middle of the newly designed part a concert hall was located. Arranged around communication and rest spaces lead to smaller concert halls and rehearsal rooms.

An internal garden was designed between the library and the concert hall.
The new facades are a contemporary interpretation of the historic building. Continuation is expressed in the articulation of the cornices, in the proportions and rhythm of the windows.

The rationality and moderation of modern architecture allows you to read the structure and function of the building.

The concert hall with a unique, oval shape will provide excellent acoustic conditions for live music.

The stage will accommodate a 100-person orchestra and the audience located around will provide comfort for over 300 listeners.

The furthest spot is just 8 meters from the stage.
The concert hall is the heart of the whole establishment. Its characteristic block will be visible from every place in the new building.

The central location will ensure the highest standards of acoustic insulation.