Shaft, Bytom

GC Investment
Design team
Tomasz Konior
Andrzej Witkowski
Łukasz Homan,
Magdalena Witkowska
Bartosz Malec
Anna Rybowicz
Aleksander Nowacki
Katarzyna Leśniok
Anna Jabłońska-Lisińska
Łukasz Bonar
Piotr Zawada
8 750 m2
GC Investment
The symbol, but also the nucleus of the foundation around the former mine shaft Krystyna, will become a complex of two towers. The first is a brick, unique tower of the shaft itself - the icon of Bytom, towering over the surrounding area. We plan to add a twin cubature to it, but through a contrasting light and transparent material, clearly signaling that it is a modern structure. Matching and opposite, tradition and modernity - this is how we express the art of good continuity.

The towers adjoin the multi-threaded public space, which intertwines along subsequent objects, permeates with the activity of their internal spaces and a variety of functions, which guarantees a living, urban tissue.

The historic tower, with a post-industrial interior climate, has a number of functions. Beginning with a nod to the past of the place, museum spaces in which materials on the history of the tower and mine will be shown, to the heart of the object on the top floors, i.e. the main exhaust wheels, where an unusual restaurant space will be created. In addition, the tower will have space for temporary exhibitions or organizing cultural events, as well as fitness and multi-functional rooms, e.g. for conferences.

The new tower is a 5-star hotel that perfectly complements the function of the old tower, while also raising the rank of the complex. In addition to rooms and apartments, the hotel will have a SPA complex with a swimming pool and saunas.

The interaction of two towers will definitely strengthen the spacious atrium, a multi-functional public space, constituting a year-round extension of the entrance square.

The concept assumed leaving the Krystyna Shaft tower in its current external appearance, as well as its steel internal structure and the most important devices as witnesses of history. The new tower, in turn, will be a visually counterweight to the existing one - it is a steel structure clad with a light glass facade.