Footbridge, Katowice

Olimpijska Street, Katowice
Municipality of Katowice
Design team
Tomasz Konior
Adam Skrzypczyk
Andrzej Witkowski
Szymon Jawor
Przemysław Tabor
Anna Janowicz
Wojciech Kujawski
Lidia Tarka
Danuta Nowosad
The total area
582,72 m2
The footbridge provides safe and attractive pedestrian and bicycle communication above Olimpijska Street along the so-called Oś Kultury in Katowice. It connects Spodek, the International Congress Center and the placement of the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra. Exposition values ​​of the object let us observe the panorama of the city and also located below - Wojciech Kilar Square. The ground plan and cross-section of the bridge is characterized by a soft, sculptural form. It is connected by two flat arches – the longer one connects MCK area with the NOSPR park side. The shorter one is the continuation of the flight of stairs, which is indirect abutment and convenient descent to the NOSPR. An important role for the visual intake of the footbridge is linked with an elliptical fountain. The reflection in the water surface emphasizes the finesse of the shape and structure. To achieve a span of more than 80 meters, a reinforced concrete structure was applied, inside which prestressed cables were put. On the edges, apart from the points on which the structure is held, pressure relief ballasts were hidden under the pavement surface. The outer texture and color is matt facing concrete. Slopes of ramps and sidewalks are accessible for pedestrians, cyclists and the disabled. A non-slip surface made of hardened concrete was used. Installations and lighting fixture sockets are hidden inside the structure. Ferroconcrete balustrades are connected with the superstructure and surface of the footbridge, which gives homogeneous whole. The angled cuts give the structure a dynamic look. The entire monolith was cast in metal formwork. Fittings in the form of balustrades, lighting lamps, pulls and bumpers are made of brushed stainless steel.