Residential complex, Katowice

Ceglana Street, Katowice
Design team
Tomasz Konior
Andrzej Witkowski
Paweł Gruszka
Maciej Niewiadomski
Piotr Zowada
Aleksander Nowacki
23 814 m2
Area of land
105 551 m2
The main idea of ​​the concept’s authors was to create a unique housing and recreational enclave in the close neighbourhood of downtown of Katowice. Vast, undeveloped area with unique location and landscape values, together with a water body and leafy greenery creates unique conditions for exclusive housing fabric.

This natural, green landscape will be the background for the overall urban layout with modern, characteristic architecture. The harmonious combination of nature, culture, quality and symbolism creates a strong spatial expression.

The composition of the housing estate is based on clearly outlined urban axles, whose names come from the natural values ​​characteristic for the place: greenery and water.

The axles have their beginning and end in characteristic places of housing estate, they are symbols of four parts of the world, four elements and four seasons, and determine the urban layout of the housing development.

At the axles’ closes, cubature objects with unique architecture were designed, which constitute "Gates", dominants of the entire housing estate. The axles also divide the development into four smaller housing enclaves, to which specific features of buildings in various scale and color have been assigned.