National Library, Warsaw

Warsaw, Al. Niepodległości 213
I miejsce
Polish National Library
Tomasz Konior, Katarzyna Sokołowska SOKKA, Wojciech Sokołowski SOKKA
Design team
Angelika Drozd, Dominik Koroś, Michał Lipiec, Marcin Piotrowski, Wojciech Przywecki, Piotr Straszak, Mikołaj Zdanowski, Ewelina Bidzińska SOKKA, Michał Latko SOKKA

Human and a book are the main reasons for creating and functioning of the libraries. Such places popularity depends on its ergonomics, lack of the architectural barriers, specialized lighting and the arrangement. On the other if the collection of books is to be available, safe, of good quality and variety therefore a library requires an appropriate store and the newest technologies implemented.